Workplace training

It's time to start getting active at work right now!

I’ll work with you to tailor make a programme that works for your business and your team, this could include:


  • All-staff fitness and nutrition consultations: one to one sessions with your staff to assess individual needs and motivate them on their fitness journey

  • Weekly training sessions focused on fun, fitness and team building - these could be targeted at improving general fitness or working towards a team goal such as the Tour du Canton or Course d’Escalade

  • Tailored training plans to help keep your team on track working towards their personal fitness goals

But don't just take it from me,

read what the team at wbcsd who took on a 6-week programme had to say:

I’m definitely fitter as a result of taking part in the training sessions. I’m doing more exercise on a regular basis and am also now opting for a more healthy diet. On top of this, the training is great fun and great for teambuilding

Great experience, first time I exercise with colleagues and it creates a bond. We all push each other, which in turn fosters great team spirit and a sense of camaraderie. It also helps relieving stress and being more focused when it comes to work.

Lunchtime is such a good timing as it gives you plenty of energy for the rest of the day. Like this morning, I was feeling down and tired and now I am super-efficient and motivated to go through the week

workplace training is beneficial for both employers and employees

take the first step to a healthier happier workplace today