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Each one-hour training session will be tailored to you and your goals, be that building strength, losing kilos or getting race ready. I will come to your home, your work, meet you in a local park or on zoom - whatever works best for you.

The friendly support doesn’t stop there - I can provide weekly training plans, top tips to keep you motivated and regular contact  throughout the week. We’ll assess your progress on a regular basis and work together to achieve your goals.

Drop me a line and we can find a plan that works for you.



10 Sessions

1 Person:          CHF 1000

2 People:          CHF 1200

3 - 5 People:    CHF 1350

5 Sessions

1 Person:          CHF 550

2 People:          CHF 650

3 - 5 People:    CHF 750


Get in touch to get active

Thanks so much for contacting Alpine Active. I'll be in touch asap.

Tel: +33 (0) 784270354

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