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Ante & Post Natal

Mums to be

There are so many proven benefits to keeping active whilst pregnant from helping to prepare your body for labour to improving your mood and aiding your recovery postpartum. Working out what exercise is right for you can be confusing. I will work with you to design a programme that evolves as baby grows and gives you the confidence to move in the way that works for you helping you to stay fit, strong and ready for this exciting new chapter.

New mums

I am passionate about helping mums navigate this sometimes challenging period in life and empowering you to safely get back to doing the things you love be that running, hitting the gym or simply just keeping up with the demands of mum life.

Working  either 121 or through my Post Natal Foundations Course we will focus on rebuilding pelvic floor and deep core connection, strength based movements that will keep you strong for mumming and stretches to ease common aches and pains.  Feel fitter, stronger and more confident in your body and it’s capabilities.

Babies and Yoga

Postnatal Courses

Two 6 week programmes for anyone who has recently given birth and wants to rebuild their strength and fitness in a safe and progressive manner.


Postnatal Foundations, Tuesday 0945, My Pelvicare


Designed to guide you through those early weeks as you begin to reconnect to your body, includes a

pre-course 30 minute 121 assessment, weekly 1 hour face to face class, 3 pre-recorded train at home video classes and a goody bag with train at home essentials.


Postnatal Next Steps, Thursday 1030, My Pelvicare


Suitable for anyone who has completed Foundations or is at least 3 months postpartum, we will work towards returning to impact and increase the sweat factor. Includes, weekly 45 minute face to face class and 3 pre-recorded train at home video classes.

Upcoming 2024 intake dates (for 6 weeks): 30 April & 2 May / 18 & 20 June

Growing and birthing a human is one of the most amazing things you will ever do. Our bodies are incredible but the impact of pregnancy and birth, however you give birth, should not be underestimated.



Lu's gentle, attentive and positive cheer and push gave me the confidence to get back to and love fitness again! I feel stronger, more energised and more like my old self day by day.

Great core strengthening that's mindful of what postnatal bodies can achieve in a safe and relaxed environment for both mum and baby.

Thank you Lu!

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