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Group Training

Working out with others is great for motivation, accountability and that all important sense of fun!

Workplace Training

Workplace training is beneficial for both employers and employees helping to create a happier, healthier workforce. Workplace fitness sessions can help to improve morale, reduce stress and show your staff that you really do care. 


I’ll work with you to design a programme that works for your business and your team, this could include: weekly group fitness sessions, fitness and nutrition consultations and tailored training plans to help keep your team motivated.

Outdoor Hop

Body Boost Class

Step away from your desk on a Tuesday lunchtime and join me for a fun, 45 minute, full body fitness session in the park. Feel fitter, stronger and re-energised in this weekly class, designed to boost both body and mind! All abilities welcome and lots of modifications given.


Grab your mat and come and say hi!

Tuesdays 1230 - 1315

Term time only

Parc de Vermont (near Nations)


CHF 25 / session or CHF 120 / 6 sessions

Great experience, first time I exercise with colleagues and it creates a bond. We all push each other, which in turn fosters great team spirit and a sense of camaraderie. It also helps relieving stress and being more focused when it comes to work.

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